Walpole find bone china, manufactured in England

Design & Modelling

Once we start discussing an idea with a client we ask our designer to come up with some preliminary drawings of the concept. Once these are approved, working drawings showing all the intricate details of the new shape or the new pattern are created.

A model is made of the new shape by one of our team of modellers. We work with a number of freelance sculptors so the scope of what we can offer is limitless. Clay models will be 14% larger than the finished piece because the bone china clay will shrink during firing.

A master mould is made from the original model, and this, in turn, is used to make all our working moulds. In the process the original sculpture or shape is cut up and destroyed. Our mould makers are highly skilled individuals who understand the complexity of the ceramic manufacturing process and they ensure that the working moulds will recreate the original sculpture with all its detail, perfectly, every single time.